The Philanthropy, Politics, Manners, and Strengths of Betsy DeVos

At first glance it can be easy to make a first impression idea out of a person based on just a few things about them. It is even more easy to do this when that person happens to be a billionaire who pretty much lives all the luxuries of life. When Betsy DeVos was initially selected to be an education secretary many people proclaimed she was there only for the fact of being a billionaire. It’s a thrown comment that is not true, as DeVos does have considerable political and education system experience under her belt. Perhaps those who state she is only a wealthy political donor have forgotten many of the great politicians came from wealth or wealthy families. Reagan, JFK, and FDR were very wealthy presidents who are primarily admired by people today for their work in politics. Learn more:


Her experience in politics started off with her involvement with Michigan state politics. Betsy DeVos and her husband Dick DeVos have made plenty of contributions to the GOP organization in Michigan. They have given donations to candidates and to the school systems in the state of Michigan to improve school options for students. Her donations to schools and her push for school choice through vouchers was the reason she was chosen to be the education secretary of the Trump administration. The American people mainly saw DeVos as a wealthy woman married to Dick DeVos, who is the former owner of Amway.


Her polite manner also came through, and many suspected she wouldn’t take her own stance on issues that differed from the president. DeVos is a politely mannered woman, but she has proven herself to also be a political fighter in the new administration. DeVos vocalized that she preferred some of the other GOP candidates during the presidential election. She also was capable of putting aside her different pints of view to work with Trump despite him not being her first choice. She has vocalized dissent on the president’s stance of transgender students not being permitted to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. She politely and respectfully discussed it with the president and then write a letter about the matter. She specified that the president’s choice on the issue wasn’t her choice. She wrote that she supported individual states or schools coming up with their own rules or laws on the matter.


DeVos will continue to work with the president on all the education matters of his administration. She will respectfully dissent if she so sees fit to, because she’s a political fighter. Above all she will continue to work with the president to assist with keeping his administration functioning properly together. She will continue to show the American people her political strength within the education department of this country.

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