Securus Technologies: An Innovator of Prison Management Solutions

Securus Technologies recently built 220 capacity in house call center to improve customer relations. This is the largest in the sector. It gave the company flexibility and control which in turn will lead to accreditations by relevant authorities and improve customer experience. Customers have developed trust and confidence in their products and services. A number of them have reacted positively as to how their lives have been made easy by Securus’ products and services. In one of the comments, information from calls made it easy for a contraband suspect to be arrested. A client noted that the prosecution of suspects has been made easy through valuable information obtained from intercepting inmates’ phone conversations. The correctional facility sourced for Securus’ services.


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At another correctional facility, the Location Based Service (LBS) software has made it easy to recover stolen money and illegal assets. Inmates can securely reach their families via the stable calling platform. Product reliability and efficiency by Securus has also earned praise from clients. One facility also praised the patency of the company’s products. A request to update a facility’s investigative tools was also another milestone.


Organizational Profile: Innovative Solutions


Securus Technologies Inc. is among the world’s largest providers of detainee communications, government information management solutions and parole tracking. A leader in the provision of comprehensive, innovative technical solutions and responsive customer interactions, Securus Technologies strives to meet the needs of each correctional facility and law enforcement agencies in America. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, with four subsidiaries in the Dallas metro area and Atlanta Georgia. The company’s commitment to quality service delivery under the leadership of its president Robert Pickens has seen it receive excellent accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has also seen the company grow into a formidable brand since its founding in 1997 especially within the American prison industry complex.


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