OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions is a leading company in the food production industry. Many customers are looking for healthy options when it comes to purchasing food. OSI Food Solutions recently made headlines when the company decided to double the amount of chicken produced each year. The company committed to drastically improving the manufacturing process as well.

There are multiple benefits for the company in drastically increasing food production. Not only will sales increase, but the cost per unit will decrease.

Higher Standards

Many customers want to purchase products made with a sustainable manufacturing process. Chicken suppliers have received higher levels of scrutiny in recent years based on how chickens are treated.

OSI Food Solutions is committed to providing quality conditions for chickens that are used in the production of meat. Although it costs the company more to produce meat this way, it is a priority for the company in the coming years.

Baho Food

OSI Food Solutions recently purchased a smaller food company called Baho Food. Buying Baho Food is an excellent financial decision for various reasons. Not only does this decision provide additional products for OSI Food Solutions to sell, but it will also increase sales drastically.

The leaders of OSI Food Solutions have planned for this acquisition for several years. So far, the purchase is going better than expected.

Future Trends

Multiple trends are impacting the chicken industry. Not only do customers want to purchase healthy products, but many people are willing to pay more for products that meet their health needs.

OSI Food Solutions is expected to increase the number of product options for customers in the future. The company is investing millions of dollars into new research and development for the future. Although the company has some challenges, profits should continue increasing in the years ahead.

Get inspired by Nick Vertucci’s new book

Any aspiring investor who would like to succeed needs to have something that motivates him or her. If you are a newbie, learning from experienced people should be one of the best ways of running a business. They will take you through the journey they went and helped you avoid making the mistakes that they made. To be in a position to lead a business productively, one needs the necessary information that will make them have an easy time running the operations of the firm. No matter which industry you are in, there is something you can learn from people in different industries. The key to success is not normally the industry by the experience and commitment that one shows towards a business, if you show the right mindset towards business, the chances are that you will be in a position to something in a better way than others.

One of the people to follow while looking for a mentor in busies is Nick Vertucci. He is a leading player in the real estate industry, he has been in the industry for about two decades now, he joined the industry with nothing, but over time he has managed to create a fortune. Currently, Nick Vertucci is the right person to offer help to aspiring investors especially in the real estate sector. He has been in the industry not for many years, but his achievements have been great. Nick Vertucci will show you how to make money in a short time and turn year life around.

Nick Vertucci has made it easy to earn from him. He has written a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” which contain vital lessons on how to turn your dreams into reality an benefit from the real estate sector or any other business you run.Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEtnxvphpkE

Clay Siegall develops breakthrough treatment for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

One of the oldest and most severe problems with cancer treatment has always been the fact that the side effects can often be even more lethal than the disease itself. Although the advent of chemotherapy, in the 1940s, proved to be one of the most important advances in the treatment of cancer therapy in the history of humanity, the many terrible side effects of the extremely deadly poisons that must be administered in order to shrink tumors quickly became the most challenging aspect of using this mode of treatment to fight the age-old disease.

Throughout the 1980s, it became one of the central focuses of the cancer research industry to find a solution to the horrible problems posed by needing to administer agents that are literally designed to kill every cell they come into contact with. One of the people working on this ambitious and important project was a man by the name of a Clay Siegall. After having graduated with a PhD in genetics from George Washington University, Clay Siegall went to work to the National Cancer Institute, one of the foremost research institutes in the world. There, he began working on a new class of drugs known as targeted cancer therapies. These were therapies that either sought to completely stop the ability of tumors to continue proliferating or to kill the tumors outright. But in contrast to traditional chemotherapeutic regimens, targeted cancer therapies sought to eliminate tumors without systemic release of high-grade cytotoxins into the bloodstream. And doing this, the hope was that the side effects of chemotherapy could be completely eliminated.

As the 1980s gave way to the 1990s, Dr. Siegall went to work for Bristol-Myers Squibb, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. There, he was given a large degree of autonomy in order to pursue the continuing development of targeted cancer therapies. It was there that Dr. Siegall first synthesized what he later called antibody drug conjugates, a kind of targeted cancer therapy that uses the body’s own immune system in order to deliver cytotoxins directly to the malignancy.

Today, Dr. Siegall’s work is being used to treat millions of cancer patients across the globe. And he is credited with saving hundreds of thousands of lives.

Heal N Soothe Could Be Your New Pain Reliever And Health Booster

Heal N Soothe is an option that you could use to alleviate pain that takes place in your body. If you’re suffering conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia, this substance could possibly help to remedy these issues. It also provides the possibility of getting rid pain in parts of your body that has been damaged for many years. Let’s review what Heal N Soothe is so you can make up your own mind about this dietary relieving supplement.


Living Well Nutraceuticals is at the forefront of innovation in this field of health sciences. The Heal-n-Soothe product is an all-natural and effective way to both reduce inflammation and pain without any side effects. Developed after years of study, it contains the most powerful, proven ways to promote healing.


Heal N Soothe is marketed as a dietary supplement and pain reliever. The product works by using specific enzymes to provide the pain-relieving benefit. Does Heal N Soothe work at all times, in all situations, under all circumstances? The answer to this question is that no medication works effectively all the time. However, Heal N Soothe could possibly help people to get the best pain relief possible. Now, some people testify by this product. Once they started to take this medication they begin to feel its supposed healing effects right away. Heal-n-Soothe is one of the first and only supplements to combine the power of proteolytic enzymes with the food- and mineral-based building blocks to achieve maximum anti-inflammatory results and thus Changed The Supplement Industry.


Some medical doctors have endorsed the use of supplement for getting rid of pain. Medically speaking, Heal N Soothe is a sound supplement that has the ability get rid of pain. Medical professionals even endorse this supplement for pain relief. Some physicians say that it can even be used as a form of pain relief after surgery. The fact that Heal and Soothe is packaged as a dietary supplement instead of a medication is another bonus. This means that users can purchase this product at a competitive cost. Click Here for more information.


Heal N Soothe has natural ingredients and does not contain any side effects. If you happen to be allergic to some of the natural ingredients contained within this supplement, you should stop using it. Keep in mind that Heal N Soothe can be taken over an extended period of time since the product is relatively safe. Don’t forget that this substance could potentially improve your cardiac and respiratory function. Heal N Soothe might offer more than just pain relief, it has the potential to boost your overall health.



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Herbalife Signs Jonathan dos Santos in an Exclusive Multi-Year Contract

If you are looking to revamp your lifestyle completely, then the first thing you need to start with is your health and diet. There are millions of people out there who have an unhealthy food habit, and their lifestyle is non-conducive in the long-term for health and wellness. In such cases, it is necessary to change your lifestyle as well as food habits at the earliest to ensure that your health does not deteriorate or catch any kind of diseases that would leave a lasting impact on your life. Herbalife is a company that has been developing a wide range of nutrition products for the consumers for over two decades. The products that Herbalife is manufacturing are result oriented and helps the people get the balanced nutrition as it is a known fact that there are many vitamins and minerals that our body doesn’t get from the regular food we the consumer, even if it is home cooked.


Herbalife ensures that the people are able to get the nutrition their body needs to stay fit, active and healthy. The company has a wide presence globally, and it is growing at a consistent pace till now. The company spends millions on not only research and development but also on sponsorship. The company sponsors nearly 190 athletes from different sports, and many famous sports personalities are known to depend on Herbalife for their nutritional needs. The list of athletes that the company sponsors includes Cristiano Ronaldo. Herbalife started its operations in the year 1980 and since then has expanded its network globally and today has more than 8,000 employees worldwide. The company believes that it is necessary for the people to realize the true importance of having balanced nutrition on a daily basis as it keeps the immune system of the body to work optimally, and also energizes the person for a better performance at work. It is good for the physical as well as the mental health of the people.


Herbalife has recently signed Mexican national midfielder Jonathan dos Santos for a multiyear sponsorship that will last till 2021 MLS season. He has proved himself as one of the top sportspeople in recent time, and Herbalife officials were thrilled with the development. Jonathan dos Santos will be given access to its exclusive sports line performance products to help him perform better. He too was happy that he would be able to get proper nutrition products from the company and share his experience with others.


Sightsavers Handles the Different Threats To Eyesight

A lot of people take their eyesight for granted. However, there are tons of issues that can arise and take away one’s eyesight. Sightsavers goes into each of the threats to eyesight. One thing that is certain is that the eyes will deteriorate over time. Another thing is that people will lose their eyesight because of different factors which include nutrition. If people are not eating the right amount of foods, then they are going to have a harder time seeing than if they make sure that they are getting all of the necessary nutrients for the eyes to take care of themselves.


Sightsavers also looks into infections that can cause problems to one’s eyesight over time. There is Trachoma which starts off as an infection. For those that have Trachoma, the best thing for them to do is get the right type of treatment right away if possible. If they let the infection go, then they run the risk of going completely blind. Some forms of eye infections can actually cause irreversible blindness. Of course the best thing to do is avoid this. However, one thing that is missing in some countries are medical help. Sightsavers does everything it can to provide that to the residents of the countries.


Sightsavers offers something to people that is hopeful. For one thing, people who are struggling with their eyesight will know where to go when they hear about Sightsavers. The dedication to making sure that people are able to get the treatment they need even if they are not that wealthy is something that increases the trustworthiness and reliability of Sightsavers. They also have a lot of information on the different threats to eyesight. This can help people know what type of infection they have that is going to take away their eyesight.




OSI Group Continues its History of Expansion as a Foremost Food Processor

OSI Group is a food processor that operates on a global scale and one of their primary business concepts is the cultivation of key partnerships. The history of the company goes back over 100 years and involves regular periods of expansion and innovation. Today, they maintain 65 facilities in 17 different countries, as well as approximately 20,000 employees and all of this, drives their success.

The unique story of what became OSI Group begins with a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He settled in Chicago and opened up a corner butcher shop with a meat market in 1909. He served the surrounding neighborhoods many of whom were also German emigrants.

After nearly a decade of operating this way, he expanded into the wholesale meat business near the end of World War I. Later on his sons became a part of the business and they became Otto & Sons. They were a trusted, valued part of the local business community and enjoyed serving their fellow residents.

The next catalyst that took Otto & Sons to a whole new level was their partnership with Ray Kroc of McDonald’s. He was in need of a meat supplier for the first franchise location in Des Plaines, Illinois. He selected them and the relationship became integral to both family-owned businesses. The franchise model for restaurants proved to be wildly successful and the growth of both companies was steady and substantial.

A technological advancement made it possible for Otto & Sons to supply many more McDonald’s franchise locations. The use of flash freezing technology enabled them to keep up with the extraordinary demand of their best customer. They could now ship burgers far greater distances to far-flung places.

The year 1973 saw Otto & Sons build an entire production plant for McDonald’s burgers and other menu items. Because of their longstanding good relationship with them, they became one of only four suppliers that kept the McDonald’s juggernaut rolling.

Two significant milestones took place in 1975 and the first one was a name change to OSI Group. This was a nod to the original founding members as well a better reflection of the international scope of their business. A key executive also joined the company as a partner who came aboard with a global vision. Sheldon Lavin helped OSI Group chart a path for expansion and his investing and banking skills proved to be invaluable. Today, they continue strategic expansion while holding to their important history in American business.

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Jeremy Goldstein Explains Why Stock Options May Be Being Phased Out

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney whose specialty area usually covers executive compensation, internal financial audits and other administrative procedures. In a public blog post, he talked about what companies were doing with employee stock options and whether they’re still a viable compensation solution. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://lawyers.justia.com/lawyer/jeremy-goldstein-1275422  and http://www.bizjournals.com/newyork/potmsearch/detail/submission/6423046

What Goldstein said was that many employees in various companies no longer embrace stock options as a great bonus compensation option and chief financial officers are looking for new ways to offer incentives. But why is that?

Stock options have had some benefits in that company sales and profit margins increasing can increase the value in the options, and that encourages employees to work hard at their jobs. They’re also fairly easy to understand in terms of concept, and they’re not subject to some of the more complex tax codes that govern equities options for employees. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

But the problem Goldstein says, is that stock options could lose value if the economy takes a bad turn. Option overhang could also prove to be a roadblock to the stock option’s value, but also employees usually won’t want to deal with the accounting issues that could arise.

Jeremy Goldstein says alternatives to regular stock options are not easy to find an answer for, but knockout options are one consideration because they offer a little more flexibility in areas that traditional options do not. He said companies need to be careful about the timing of new stock options which he recommended adding after a 6-month period when the old options expire.

Jeremy Goldstein has been a licensed attorney for many years and is the managing partner of Goldstein & Associates, LLC.

He began studying law during his undergraduate days at Cornell University, completed his master’s at the University of Chicago and then received his JD at New York University’s law school. Prior to starting his own law firm, Goldstein was an associate at Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.

There have been many M&A deals he has worked as an advisor for over the years, and many of them involve telecom companies and motion picture associations such as the Verizon and Alltel merger, AT&T and SBC Communications buyout, and the Bank of America and MBNA deal.

Goldstein holds several key positions in the American Bar Association of business as well as being a board member of the NYU Journal of Law and Business,. He is highly ranked as a top attorney in “The Legal 500.”

Penelope Kokkinides Resiliently Fights For Puerto Rico Health Care

Ms. Penelope Kokkinides has served in the position of Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare Health Solutions since 2016 and has additionally served as its Chief Operating Officer in the past. She has over one decade of experience in the healthcare industry and shares experience that specializes in government health care programs. She has served in positions where she was imperative to the successful development and implementation of a healthcare model. She went on to earn her degree in biological sciences and classical languages from Binghamton University.


Ms. Penelope Kokkinides possesses knowledge and expertise when managing health care programs and operations. She has a rock solid focus on rising the production and capabilities of health programs, particularly ones that are funded by government operations. Her education and previous experiences play a key role in the successful creation of these programs, and her general instincts and decision making capabilities are imperative to her work.


It is hard to ignore the extremely impressive résumé that Penelope Kokkinides has earned over the course of her health care career. Her dedication to her work is widely recognized and respected by other experts within the industry.


Penelope Kokkinides currently works within Puerto Rico, and she has focused her efforts to try and solve a potentially serious problem on the island. She wants to pave a pathway forward that allows increased funding in the Medicare Advantage throughout Puerto Rico. She claimed to be disgusted at the fact that funding has rapidly decreased every year. The fact that Penelope Kokkinides fought for the residents in Puerto Rico truly shows the resilient and tenacious fighting personality that she possesses.


Kokkinides realizes that the Medicare Advantage health care program is an extremely popular health care program on in Puerto Rico. The program serves nearly half a million citizens and the decreased funding is starting to strangle the process. It is for that reason that Penelope Kokkinides continues to resiliently fight for the program as well as the funding that goes with it. She has proven to be an imperative key to the successful functioning of the program, and without her, it may not even exist.


Alex Pall Of The Chainsmokers’ Interview

Whether you consider The Chainsmokers as electronic dance music, popular music, a unique mixture of both, or something else, the duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart synergizes to the fullest on nearly every track they create.

The Chainsmokers was created by Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler nearly 10 years ago. After Bixler left the group – which was far before either one of them or The Chainsmokers became famous individually or as a group – Mr. Pall went on an extensive search for suitable bandmates.

When Pall met Andrew Taggart through big-time music agent Adam Alpert, a native of New York City, New York, just like Alex Pall was, The Chainsmokers were officially recreated using the same name as Pall’s first dance with the proverbial devil.

Since, it almost seems as if The Chainsmokers’ Pall and Taggart have sold their literal souls to the devil because they’ve risen out of virtually nowhere to stardom.

Every famous musician or music group is constantly bombarded with requests for interviews by publications all around the world. Just two years ago, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart decided to work with Andry Warhol’s Interview Magazine, a digital publication that – as its name implies – publishes interviews with some of the hottest names in music.

Following below are a few things that Alex Pall talked about in the interview with the popular Internet-based publication.

Alex Pall shared in the interview that he thoroughly enjoyed the hobby of disc jockeying throughout his childhood and adolescent years while growing up in the heart of New York City. Once he became roughly 15, he managed to gain entry into nightclubs and bars to play his sets, as promoters could safely hide his appearance in DJ booths far off from the dance floor.

Although he didn’t make any – if he did bring home any payment, it wasn’t much – money in his early days of DJing, the experience of cold calling to play sets for free was a solid learning experience for Alex Pall.

Today, one of his hardest tasks is deciding which big star to partner with next. What a hard life!


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