Jim Tananbaum Invests in Intarcia to Treat Obesity and Diabetes

The price of medical care in the United States of America is one of the largest budgeted for developments. Health care costs account for approximately 90% of total expenditures. These costs can take an excruciating toll on individuals who suffer a terminal illness. With the increasing population of the aging people who are prone to old age-related disease, it is vital to provide citizens with proper health care systems that are affordable. That is why Jim Tananbaum of Foresite Capital is applauded for having invested in health care systems.


Jim is the founder of Foresite Capital. This is an organization that capitalizes on the development of emerging health care leaders with the aim of supporting their growth through offering financial resources. Foresite Capital assists health care providers in enlarging health care networks by supplying sufficient capital to various organizations. The effect of having catered for health care providers is having a generation that receives affordable treatment through modern medical facilities. You can visit Business to know more.


Before establishing Foresite Capital, Jim assisted in the establishment of two of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical firms. He also co-founded two practices dedicated to healthcare investment. As a testament to his dedication to developing modern and efficient health care systems, Jim founded the NASDAQ GelTex Pharmaceuticals that facilitated the market injection of two drugs at approximately $ 80 million. Consequently, GelTex was sold in 1998 at the price of $1.6 billion. This occurred when the leading drug it had produced, Renagel, also known as Renzela , made a yearly profit of more than $200 million. Currently, Renzela’s worth is projected to be approximately $1 billion. This is the twenty-second year since it was launched. You can visit Crunchbase for more info.


Under Jim’s leadership at Foresite Capital, the company has partnered with many organizations to provide drugs and affordable treatment. The current success development of Foresite Capital is Intarcia. This is an implant that assists people with diabetes to control their sugar level as well as lose weight. Jim believes that this product will massively aid in treating diabetes just like IUD had a significant impact on birth control. With diabetes as well as obesity being epidemic diseases that have affected approximately 350 million citizens in the world, Jim has taken the initiative to invest in treatment methods.

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