Betsy DeVos, an Angel for the Future of America

Betsy DeVos is a woman one can’t help admiring, as her career talks on her behalf. She is a Republican who not only promotes respect and honor of American values, but does so in a way that can improve the world, the nation, and the American people. As a female politician, and as Secretary of Education, the fact that she has contributed from her own pocket to help American children reach their potential in the arts and education, shows her true colors as a visionary. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Several of these involve performing arts, such as music and acting, which have teachers who mentor promising students along their way to reaching their own professional goals. Examples of this are the help she provided at the Kennedy Center during her term in the Bush administration.  This program, which was launched in 1989, is “centered in cultivating leadership, accelerating transformation and leveraging support in five areas,” being those education, community, arts, justice, and discipline. Their contributions to charity through the Foundation has garnered up to 139 million dollars, making her and her spouse one of the most giving families in the country, according to Forbes. The foundation has donated great amounts of money to hospitals, schools, evangelical missions, and conservative, freethinking think-tanks. Betsy DeVos believes in the effort of parents in allowing to choose which school is the best for their children. This in itself is admirable, as this is a way to enhance a child’s future: by letting them master their talents, getting the attention they need. Since much of the current schooling system fails in some areas, this is a refreshing change. Visit to know more about Betsy.

However, it is worthy to recognize the effort and the pledge she has made while in office to help the American people. The work she has done outside with her husband has been instrumental in generating a much needed change, and which is definitely an asset for recognizing and promoting local talent from a young age.

Julie Zuckerberg’s Impressive Career As An Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a renowned talent acquisition leader and executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. She is based in New York. While studying at the New York- Brooklyn College, Julie majored in Philosophy before joining the New York Law School where she pursued law. Later, she joined Hudson where she served as the director of candidate placement. Julie rendered her services to the firm for five years. She was mandated with the duty of recruiting attorneys, case managers, paralegals and support staff and other employees. In addition, she provided potential employees with details about the job, guidelines, and information about prospects, promotion, and benefits. Because of her expertise in law, Julie served as the link between workers and management regarding work related issues.

In 2007, Julie joined Citi Global Consumer Bank to work as the executive recruiter. At the New York-based financial institution, Julie advised the corporation on different recruitment strategies. She also helped the firm get ahead of competition by advising on compensation trends. Julie offered insights on competitive market trends regarding talent acquisition by offering innovative solutions. Julie was actively involved in more complex talent recruitment and acquisition that comprised of relocation, buyouts, claw backs, and immigration. She also managed the process of recruiting expatriates and facilitating international relocation. Julie was poised to become Citi Global Functions’ executive recruiter in 2017 because of her exceptional performance. By virtue of working for Citi Group, Zuckerberg gained exposure and experience regarding the recruitment process. Owing to her vast experience, Julie is in a position to identify the candidates who are more likely to be productive and identify with the vision of a company. This is because hiring the right candidate holds the key to success, better results, and performance. At Citi, Julie was responsible for recruiting employees to various positions, thus empowering her with vast skills and knowledge in legal, audit, compliance, and management. After a successful career at Citi Group, Julie joined New York Life Insurance Company. She worked for the firm as a senior manager. Julie offers comprehensive recruiting support across the company. Moreover, Julie developed sound business strategy. This information was originally published on Spout Server.

She is one of current recruiters who are highly experienced in hiring and dealing with millennials. Zuckerberg has a remarkable work and academic history. Her success in the recruitment field is attributed to her ability to understand the desires of different employees. According to Julie Zuckerberg, promoting as well as making lateral moves from within a firm builds morale, confidence, and appreciation for an organization. In some occasions, she allows employees to be involved in the recruitment process. This is because employees assist in identifying candidates quicker. In addition, they can offer details about a potential employee prior to an interview process starts. Julie maintains close relationships with university placement offices, executive search firms, and other recruiters nationwide. She is also actively involved in many professional organizations. This information was originally reported on Michael Report’s website.

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