Eswaran uses his business acumen in charitable endeavors

Prominent philanthropist, businessman and best selling author Vijay Eswaran currently serves as the chairman of the Q1 Group of Companies.

Eswaran was born in Malaysia on Oct. 7, 1960. He earned a degree is socio-economics from the London School of Economics in 1984 and it was while he was studying in the United Kingdom that he became interested in binary system marketing.

Eswaran went on to earn a Master’s in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University in 1986. Upon his return to Asia, he was asked by the Cosway Group to begin its business in the Philippines, which helped to spark the establishment of the Q1 Group.

Co-founded by Eswaran in 1998, the Q1 Group is an e-commerce based multilevel marketing company with regional offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. The Q1 Group is made up of several subsidiaries and has interests in the fields of travel, media, telecommunications, high-end products and corporate investments.

A highly-regarded philanthropist, Eswaran established Rhythm, the Q1 Group’s charitable arm that is active around the world in the areas of child and youth development, women’s empowerment and special education. He also founded the Vijayaratnam Foundation in honor of his father in Malaysia. Read more: Dr. Vijay Eswaran – Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies

Vijay Eswaran was named to Forbes Asia’s annual Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011 and was recently honored with the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute’s lifetime achievement award. The Global Organization for People of Indian Origin has also awarded Eswaran with its international leader in global business strategies award.

In addition to his professional and philanthropy intestes, Eswaran is an in demand motivational speaker who lectures on everything from spirituality to business.

Eswaran is also a best selling author whose books Sphere of Silence; In The Thinking Zones; 18 Stepping Stones: On The wings of Thought; and Two Minutes From The Abyss have received critical claim internationally. He is also a regular contributor to leading newspapers in both Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

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