Securus Technologies Implements Drone Detection Systems To Tackle New Problems Being Faced By Prisons

Securus Technologies has always been one step ahead when it comes to the security measures that they implement in the prisons that they are operational in. More and more prisons all over America realize the need for advanced technological implementations that can help them cope with the growing concerns that they face. One of the more prevalent threats that prisons have started to face is that of drones. Inmates are now using drones as the new way to smuggle goods that are otherwise banned in prisons. These drones are also being used to hide illegal substances inside prisons, which can pose a significant threat to the security of all who are there inside.



The reason why drones have now become the new way to smuggle is that of how easy it is to carry out the task. A drone can fly over any physical barrier and enter the prison compounds, which is all it needs for the inmate carrying out the task of sneaking it in. It is also becoming easier and easier for people to buy drones, and the availability of drones at low prices is also something that has made using these a lot easier.



Securus Technologies saw this as a brilliant time to upgrade the security systems that they have in place to keep up with the times and the innovations in technology. The solution that the company saw to implement was drone detection systems. These systems worked to find the drones once they enter into a certain detection radius and then take control of them. By doing this, Securus Technologies has been able to stop the entry of several drones which entered the prisons carrying contraband.



Securus Technologies has already started implementing this to take care of the problem of drones in the prisons that they offer their services to. So far, the company has received nothing but positive reviews about the system and how it has helped the correctional officers to catch those who were engaging in illegal activities and maintain better security in the correctional facilities.



The drone detection system is one of many that Securus Technologies has implemented since they started offering their services. Just last year, the company decided to implement wireless containment systems to prevent the use of unauthorized communication services inside prisons. The problem of cell phones in prisons was becoming more prominent day by day, and Securus Technologies had to find a way to be able to tackle the issue, which is why they implemented these containment systems. Ever since then, the number of cellphones in the prisons has dropped, and so have the crimes that were carried out or communicated by using these services unauthorized phones.

Securus Technologies: An Innovator of Prison Management Solutions

Securus Technologies recently built 220 capacity in house call center to improve customer relations. This is the largest in the sector. It gave the company flexibility and control which in turn will lead to accreditations by relevant authorities and improve customer experience. Customers have developed trust and confidence in their products and services. A number of them have reacted positively as to how their lives have been made easy by Securus’ products and services. In one of the comments, information from calls made it easy for a contraband suspect to be arrested. A client noted that the prosecution of suspects has been made easy through valuable information obtained from intercepting inmates’ phone conversations. The correctional facility sourced for Securus’ services.


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At another correctional facility, the Location Based Service (LBS) software has made it easy to recover stolen money and illegal assets. Inmates can securely reach their families via the stable calling platform. Product reliability and efficiency by Securus has also earned praise from clients. One facility also praised the patency of the company’s products. A request to update a facility’s investigative tools was also another milestone.


Organizational Profile: Innovative Solutions


Securus Technologies Inc. is among the world’s largest providers of detainee communications, government information management solutions and parole tracking. A leader in the provision of comprehensive, innovative technical solutions and responsive customer interactions, Securus Technologies strives to meet the needs of each correctional facility and law enforcement agencies in America. Its headquarters is in Dallas, Texas, with four subsidiaries in the Dallas metro area and Atlanta Georgia. The company’s commitment to quality service delivery under the leadership of its president Robert Pickens has seen it receive excellent accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has also seen the company grow into a formidable brand since its founding in 1997 especially within the American prison industry complex.


The Convenience of Securus Technologies

Securus has definitely become a very important communications platform for people like myself. I have always taken pride in staying connected with my family members that were locked away. I have been able to successfully utilize software from Securus Technologies to make this happen. I know that there are lots of inmates that are utilizing software from this company because it gives them a chance to actually see their family members even if people cannot visit.


That may be one of the best things about a company like this. It provides video visitation software that has given me the opportunity to see friends that are incarcerated without actually going to the prison. The prison visit can be a very strenuous thing because it can take a long time to get checked in. For me it actually took a long time to drive to the prison because I have family members that are incarcerated in other states. This may be the reason that I have taken so much interest in the secure software. It has become a great way for me to stay connected for less than what I would pay for an abundant amount of collect calls.


I have never been a fan of the collect call method because it has always been so expensive. I will try to accept collect calls from family members on a regular basis, but I was really overjoyed to discover that Securus Technologies was providing an alternative method for communicating. Now all that I have to do is log on to my account that I already funded through the Securus website and schedule video visits. From there I can utilize my tablet or my smartphone to engage in these types of meetings. It is one of the easiest ways to stay connected to family.

Securus Technologies Cares For The Public

Many people don’t know exactly what Securus Technologies does, and that is why the company is opening their business for a tour and a presentation so that the people can see for themselves. This is a chance for the public to see what they are working on, and why it is so good for their safety. They will continue to do extremely well in their field, and people will be able to follow them in the headlines for what they are able to do.


The latest technology that they created is the Wireless Containment Solution. This is technology that is used on the wireless networks in correction facilities across the countries to stop criminals. The inmates were using cell phones to reach out to others that are interested in committing crimes, and this technology put a stop it. The company is very happy that they could create something that works so well in keeping everyone safe. Other companies tried to create technology too, but they ran into difficulties with resources, and they lacked the expertise to get the project done. This why Securus Technologies is the leader with what they do. Their staff is dedicated and committed to creating the best technology for the public safety field.


They work on a steady basis with the government helping them in their correction facilities. With their technologies, they assist with over a million prisoners at a time. They are creating more and more technology on a weekly basis to make sure the environments are kept safe for all people. They will strive to do even more in the future, because they want to develop even more safety material for the protection of all the people around the world. In the future, the people can expect to hear more and more about this company, and how they are assisting in the public safety field. They will continue to carry the lead because of their abilities.



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