Betsy DeVos a political fighter

The Education Secretary of the US Betsy DeVos is easy to underestimate if you don’t know her. This was evident on how she carried herself after The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump rescinded a federal policy that allowed students who were transgender to use bathrooms that suited their gender identities.


Even though Betsy fought back against the move, she was not able to win, and since she was mature enough not to show any rift regarding the decision from the president in public space, people can mistakenly see her as a pushover because she joined in the announcement of the new policy the second day after the proposal was done.


But people who have watched Betsy over the years have warned people who underestimate not to be fooled by her cool and calm nature. Apart from being the U.S Education Secretary, she has served as a leading advocate of charter schools which she founded, a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and a major donor of the GOP.


Most of the people in her home state know her as an intelligent political fighter who has managed to use her family fortune to serve the good and punish her foes. She has also been influential in the legislative process as well as in making lawmakers who opposed her to lose their positions.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan and worked at her father’s auto-parts company. She had a brother called Erik Prince who was the founder and CEO of Blackwater security company that was a contractor for American personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Betsy has had a tremendous experience in the creation of charter schools by steering away tax dollars from traditional public schools to charter schools. In this program, money from public schools is used to fund private schools that are run by private groups. Betsy also designed the formation of vouchers which allowed students to have paid tuition at private schools.


Even though she had an ambitious plan, opponents said that she was starving schools of their resources, while her supporters stated that she was offering low-income families the opportunity to study in private schools and create competition and pressure to traditional schools for them to upgrade.


Ever since she started her programs, Detroit has become the nations largest center of charter schools, even though most of the public schools are failing. In 2016, a group of Detroit officials backed up legislation that carried a way for charter schools to be created and the failing ones to be closed. When Betsy DeVos heard about this, she fought against the move and won. Betsy supported the shutting down of public schools.


Since Besty is now overseeing the Education Department, she has worked to create good relationships with public schools. Betsy’s approach is for the country to understand what schools expect from themselves. Although Betsy has had a tough time at Washington, she accepts criticism, and she is understanding her way around the political landscape.


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End Citizen United Targets Four California Leaders

There have been numerous changes in American politics in the recent times. Several groups have been formed so that people can support the candidates of their choice. Political action committees have also emerged in the political arena. The institutions have been started so that they can assist the Americans to choose the best leaders so that the country can forge ahead. The PACs have become very popular in the recent times, and they have received the support of the American citizens. End Citizen United is among the most influential organizations in the US, and it advocates for reforms in the finance system.

End Citizen United has been against the use of black money in American politics for a long time. According to the organization, electing the wrong leaders who are using black money can only bring bad leadership in the American society. These leaders remain to be corrupt while holding their prestigious offices, leading to bad governance. The people who are affected are the middle class citizens who have no money. Although End Citizen has been in the market for a very short time, it has made numerous strides to finish black money in the politics. The organization has been getting a lot of support from its supporters who are based in many parts of the nation, and learn more about End Citizens United.

End Citizen United recently announced that it has already made new plans for 2018. The organization says that they will be stopping the use of millions of dollars in the upcoming midterm elections that are expected to take place before the end of the year. The organization is ready to support its candidates in the election and at the same time target some leaders who have been using their powers wrongly. The leadership of the influential group has announced that it will not tolerate the election of corrupt individuals in the new elections, especially in California. According to the president of the group, Tiffany Muller, the people who will get elected to office must be vetted.

End Citizen gave out four primary targets in the upcoming elections. The institution believes that Darrell Issa, Dana Rohrabacher, Duncan Hunter and Mimi Walters have a lot of questions to answer concerning their election funds. The leaders are all based in California, a state that is vulnerable to black monies during the election period. Tiffany Muller has made it clear that her organization is ready to handle its targets so that they do not have a chance to retain political authority. The organization is not worried about its funds any more. Its followers in various parts of the country have given huge sums of money to make sure that the group is successful. End Citizen United will only be supporting the Democrats, and

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