Gregory Aziz Raises The Bar Of Leadership At The National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the current CEO of the National Steel Car, the largest producer of railroad freight cars in the world. The railway sector is still one of the highly profitable industries, and that is why many rail companies that were established many years ago are still operational. National Steel Car is supplying rail products to these companies which have been around for many years. The quality of products from the National Steel Car is the highest that one can ever find. The company which has been in existence for over 100 years ago has a very strong positive reputation of maintaining high-quality ion all its products.


Gregory J Aziz as the head of this company right now is the person who has had the greatest contribution to its growth. In the period that he has been around, he has ensured that everything that is going on in this industry is being done for the best benefits of the customer and the company. He is concerned about customer services, and that is why the company is only producing high-quality products. Get More Information Here.


Greg Aziz has ensured that the National Steel Car is running optimally and producing enough products to meet the demand of the market. The history of Greg Aziz with the National Steel Car started in 1994 when he bought it from steel company known as Dofasco. Dofasco was unable to manage it, and the production capacity had gone too low to a point where it could not support the operation of the company. When Greg got an opportunity to purchase this company, he did so knowing very well what was ailing the company was lack of proper leadership.

Gregory J Aziz is an economist, and immediately he took up the mantle of leadership in this company, he made sure that everything that was happening in the industry was being done according to a manner that would promote growth. National Steel Car picked up very well after Greg bought it. Production went up by four times in just five years.

The success that Gregory Aziz has recorded in the past couple of years is a true testament of the leadership skills that he possesses. He has taken over a struggling company and turned it into a leading company in just a matter of a few years. Aziz is one of the great businesspeople in the world today.

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Stream Energy: Associate Power

Stream Energy is a company that sells energy products and services located in the Dallas, Texas area. They are known for servicing business entities and residential neighborhoods. Stream is also known for its love of the community. Over the years Stream energy has built a reputation of generosity by giving to those that are less fortunate. They created their own philanthropy organization. Stream Cares has opened many doors as it has increased the respect and loyalty of the community as well as prospective clients. There are many reasons that businesses choose not to give. Some look at their yearly budget, while others think only about themselves. At Stream Energy, the associates are the biggest fans of the community. Their business model is one of giving. Generosity is a part of their DNA. First, Stream management gives associates the grand opportunity of owning their own business. Each signs on as a business owner. They can make as much or as little money as they want while being a part of a company built on compassion and generosity. Next, each associate can participate in events sponsored by the company and make a positive difference in the lives of those that are less fortunate. For example, the Operation Once in a Lifetime event celebrates military veterans through a two-day celebration of giving. On the first day, they receive a dinner at a Texan Restaurant. They can sit down and enjoy an all-expense paid meal with their families. The lunch includes ribs, steaks, and hamburgers. On the following day, veterans get to celebrate their daughters at the American Girl Doll Experience reception. Ten of those girls receive the gift of choosing an American Girl Doll of their choice. After that ceremony, the girls and their families receive another lunch at the American Girl Cafe. Volunteers play a major part in this event as they provide transportation for those veterans who do not have a means of transportation. They also assist in co-hosting the event. Though most of the gifts given by Stream Energy are financial, the generosity and understanding of those people that need help are what matters the most.

Betsy DeVos, an Angel for the Future of America

Betsy DeVos is a woman one can’t help admiring, as her career talks on her behalf. She is a Republican who not only promotes respect and honor of American values, but does so in a way that can improve the world, the nation, and the American people. As a female politician, and as Secretary of Education, the fact that she has contributed from her own pocket to help American children reach their potential in the arts and education, shows her true colors as a visionary. Follow Betsy on Twitter

Several of these involve performing arts, such as music and acting, which have teachers who mentor promising students along their way to reaching their own professional goals. Examples of this are the help she provided at the Kennedy Center during her term in the Bush administration.  This program, which was launched in 1989, is “centered in cultivating leadership, accelerating transformation and leveraging support in five areas,” being those education, community, arts, justice, and discipline. Their contributions to charity through the Foundation has garnered up to 139 million dollars, making her and her spouse one of the most giving families in the country, according to Forbes. The foundation has donated great amounts of money to hospitals, schools, evangelical missions, and conservative, freethinking think-tanks. Betsy DeVos believes in the effort of parents in allowing to choose which school is the best for their children. This in itself is admirable, as this is a way to enhance a child’s future: by letting them master their talents, getting the attention they need. Since much of the current schooling system fails in some areas, this is a refreshing change. Visit to know more about Betsy.

However, it is worthy to recognize the effort and the pledge she has made while in office to help the American people. The work she has done outside with her husband has been instrumental in generating a much needed change, and which is definitely an asset for recognizing and promoting local talent from a young age.

George Soros – The Open Society Foundations

George Soros is also one of the most famous philanthropists in the world. Over the past three decades, he has developed the Open Source Foundations to extend most of his philanthropic activities in a manner that is not precedent in the industry. During his lifetime, he gave more than $12 billion to facilitate his charitable activities. His funding has supported organizations and individuals across the United States and other companies. He has also worked to promote accountable governments, transparency, freedom of expression, and promote justice in the society.

George Soros was born in Hungary. During that time, he was working at a government organization. The Nazi occupation was now in the move to wipe out all the Jews in the country. George Soros was one of the Jews who was facing extinction from the country in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. He worked hard to secure fast income in a manner that is not precedent. George Soros used his knowledge to secure false Hungarian identities to save his family. During that time, money was not an issue. In that case, people worked hard to secure those false identities and escaped the Nazi Occupation. Read more about George at The New York Times.

George Soros went to London and secured a job opportunity at the railway station. He gathered enough money to pay for his education at the London School of Business. He had worked for two years before he graduated with the highest honors. He was offered a job opportunity at a local bank. However, he refused. His heart was with the United States. For this reason, he secured fast income to get a voyage to New York. During this time, the certificate of business attained in London was reputable. He was offered a job opportunity as a credit manager at the New York local hedge funds. He managed credit to gain more money as a better business manager.

George Soros has issued more than $12 billion to philanthropic activities. George worked hard to raise enough money to start his hedge fund management company. In 1979, George Soros founded the Soros Quantum Fund. This company gained more success in a manner that had never been seen in the industry. During that time, business was not so favorable. However, he worked hard to secure fast income to generate more money towards maintaining irregularities. George Soros used the company to bet against currencies in the risky market. His success was seen when he was announced as the man who shoots the British pound.

The Open Society Foundations is a company that is fighting for human rights in all parts of the world. He has used the company to promote capitalism in the west by procuring Xerox machines to copy banned texts. Read this story at about George Soros.

A look at Dick DeVos Life in 5 Minutes

About Dick DeVos


Dick was born in Grand Rapids to Helen and Richard. He is an alumnus of Forest Hills public school system. He has been involved in the family business since he was young. He and his brother were assigned duties such as greeting and welcoming people during conventions. This evolved to giving product description and other higher duties.

Dick is married to Betsy, the current education secretary and together they have done so much for the school sector through their foundation.


Philanthropy in Education


From the past donations that Dick and his wife have made, it is clear that their focus is education. In the year 2105, they donated over three million to education causes only. This is over a quarter of their total donations. This shows how dedicated they are to education matters. Their foundation also awarded $357,000 to other organizations that are involved in education causes.


The main reason the couple spends all that cash is to improve the school system in the country. According to Devos, they realized with time that the current education system does not fulfill what people call the American dream. In other words, this matter is a civil right problem. He added that not all kids were able to access quality education that is vital to achieving the American dream. So eventually the American dream is just that to them, a dream. Dick was speaking in an interview with The Grand Rapids Press and MLive.


Although the Devos are doing a great job by transforming the education sector, there cannot lack those people who are criticizing the whole idea. They have claimed that charter schools and vouchers, which the couple supports, use a lot of taxpayer’s money compared to traditional schools. However, according to Dick, their primary goal is to make sure the issues in the current system and not to criticize employees. He added that so many excellent teachers had been champions in the education sector for the great work they are doing. However, everyone can do a better job to ensure that these hardworking teachers offer better services that will reach every child despite his or her zip code.


The Devos donation report


You should note that the report does not give a complete breakdown of all their gifts. It also does not provide the beneficiaries of the couple’s 2015 donations. From 2013, going back the DeVos donations mostly benefited the Michigan-based school. This is according to tax records found in the foundation. Some of the beneficiaries in 2013 were Ferris State University in Big Rapids who go one hundred thousand dollars, Potter’s House in Wyoming who got $301,000, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning that got $25,000 and many others.

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