Scott Rocklage Offers New Hope

Scott Rocklage is one man that has dedicated his life to trying to find cures for diseases or ways to fight disorders. Expansion Therapeutics is the latest project that he is working on together with a number of professionals. Being the chairman of the board of directors and the first investor, he has managed to lead the team to success.

12 years later the expansion therapeutics team has managed to get a medicine that really confronts the RNA with the help of the research from Dr. Mathew D. Disney. The team intends to create medicine that can be used for those who are in need and have raised over 55.3 million dollars to enable them to accomplish this task. Some of the investors include; Sanofi 0Ventures, Kleiner Perkins among others.

Expansion therapeutic is a mode of treatment that involves using a small molecule of medicine to address the RNA. This treatment is used to treat hereditary genetic disorders like Expansion Repeat Disorder which involves the repetition of parts of the DNA. A disorder that falls under this category is the Myotonic Dystrophy type 1 (MD1).

This disorder leads to the causes of adult muscular dystrophy. MD1 is caused by RNA toxicity which is usually shown by a number of symptoms. The symptoms include; Hormonal, respiratory, gastrointestinal and nervous system failure. The disorder is genetic and gets worse with each passing generation and the fact that there is no cure is a great concern to those affected.

Scott Rocklage has promised to get a medicine that will help and are on the verge of this miraculous cure. However, who is this man? Learn more:

Dr. Scott is a graduate of the University of California and Berkeley where he got Bachelor of Science and Masters respectively. He finally got his doctorate from MIT. Dr. Scott Rocklage has over 3 decades leadership experience. He is currently, a founding partner of 5 AM ventures, which he joined in 2003 as a partner. He went on to become a managing partner before getting his current position. Dr. Rocklage has had 3 new drugs approved by FDA and others already under clinical trials. The experience and expertise of Dr. Scott is a sign of hope for that have the MD1 disorder. The cure is coming.

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