Lawrence Bender: Celebrated Producer and Activist

Bronx born Lawrence Bender is an American producer who is known for his exquisite work on films such as, “Kill Bill”, “Lost in Oz“, and “Reservoir Dogs”. Bender graduated from the University of Maine back in the year of 1979, and his studies surrounded civil engineering. He has been in the film industry for over 20 years, and and has received over 29 Academy Award nominations. He has also won three of those film-related awards for his work in, “Inglorious Bastards”, “Good Will Hunting”, and “Pulp Fiction”. Lawrence Bender is additionally known in the public spotlight for being close friends with writer and actor, Quentin Tarantino. He often serves as the main producer in the films that Tarantino is featured in.

“Reservoir Dogs” was a film that Lawrence Bender produced back in 1992, and it is recurrently known as one of the most popular films that he has worked on. The film surrounds six criminals who meet during a planned diamond robbery organized by mob boss, Joe Cabot. In the middle of the robbery, chaos starts to emerge as authorities surround the area. It ends up in a fight for survival, leaving two of the men dead, as well as some of the policemen and civilians that surround the crime scene. The rest of the crew flees to an abandoned warehouse where they start to become suspicious of one of their team members, wondering if he’s an undercover officer.

Although Lawrence Bender is still spending his time producing films as renowned as “Reservoir Dogs“, he has also started dedicating time and effort on the side to environmental activism. Bender is the co-founder of The Detroit Project, and he has been collaborating with commercial companies in order to influence them to switch to more eco-friendly practices. Bender’s famed presence in the entertainment industry paired with what a compassionate individual he is known to be will continue to draw people into his film work and activism.

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