Equities First – Majority of Borrowers Going For Alternative Lending Following the Increase of Commodities’ Prices

It’s a fact; the financial crisis saw most of commodities’ prices going up. For instance, the increase of oil costs diverted a bigger share of clients spending into gasoline which built a downward force on economic growth within oil importing countries in addition to flows within oil-generating countries. The destabilizing influence of the cost variance has been speculated as a contributory issue in the financial crisis. World copper prices went up simultaneously as that of oil as copper traded at an estimate of $2,500 for ever y ton from 1990 to 1999 the costs going down to approximately $1,600. On the other hand, Nickel costs went up during the late 1990s before going down from approximately $51,000 /£36,700 for every metric ton in May 2007 to approximately $11,550/£8,300 for every metric ton during January of 2009. The costs were just beginning to recover in January 2010 although most of Nickel mines in Australia had turned bankrupt by the time. The cost for high quality nickel sulphate ore improved in 2010 and so the nickel mining sector in Australia. The aftereffects of the crisis are felt in every part of the globe including the financial institutions where traditional lenders seem to have tightened their rules for those seeking for loans. Indeed, alternative lending became an immediate option. At Equities First investors are getting an easy time borrowing working capital as they use stock as security. The loans come with numerous advantages and hence the increase of stock loans traction and learn more about Equities First.

Coincidentally, with the cost variations, long-only item index cash became familiar as investment went up from $90 billion to $200 billion in 2006 and by the ending of 2007 respectively. The commodity costs likewise increased by 71% which raised alarm of whether the index money contributed to the commodity bubble. With borrowers getting stranded with conventional lenders, Equities First (http://www.equitiesfirst.co.uk/) is finding it an easy way to help potential investors through provision of stock-based loans.

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Norman Pattiz’s Exciting Story of Success as a Broadcasting Entrepreneur

Norman Pattiz has been innovative since he joined the broadcasting sector 40 years ago. He has established the world’s leading radio networks. He is also an active participant in philanthropic and civic initiatives. Pattiz shared his inspiring record of success in the American broadcasting sector on ideamensch.com.


Creation of PodcastOne


Norman Pattiz created PodcastOne after selling Westwood One. A friend introduced him to Kit Gray, and they turned out to be good friends. Pattiz learned that Gray oversaw other people’s podcasts and worked out of his Marina Del Rey-based apartment. He immediately knew that such an idea would flourish in the digital world of broadcasting.


Although PodcastOne is registering rapid growth, Pattiz loves handling most of the tasks himself. He is involved in technology, recruitment process, marketing, and ad sales. His assistant informs him on the progress of the company on a daily basis. According to Pattiz, implementation is the ideal way of transforming ideas into businesses. He notes down great ideas and evaluates if his company can afford the time and resources required for implementation.


Exciting trends in the broadcasting arena


Nowadays, content consumption is democratic. It is easier to distribute content to the public using the endless pathways that exist. Prior to starting a podcast, Pattiz and his team try to establish if the podcast possesses a pathway to success. He strives to understand trends and market changes before making any investment decision.


Norman Pattiz


Born in 1943, Norman Pattiz is a renowned American broadcasting businessman who launched Westwood One in 1976. He is a longtime member of the esteemed National Radio Hall of Fame. Pattiz steered Westwood One into one of the top media companies in the world. It also became the leading radio network in America. He started the Courtside Entertainment Group back in 2010 and acted as the firm’s chief executive. He also unveiled Launchpad, which rebranded in February 2013 and adopted the name PodcastOne.


Philanthropic activities


Norman Pattiz is an avid philanthropist and engages in various local civic activities. He served in the Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County as a reserve deputy. He also served in the Region 1 Homeland Security Council as a member. The Hamilton High School’s Academy of Music has benefited from his donations and unwavering support.

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