Getting to Know Kelvin Seawright

Hailing from New Jersey is an executive known as Kevin Seawright. He is perhaps well known for his skills in administration operations as well as financial matters. Despite working for many companies and gaining a lot of experience along the way, Kevin Seawright has remained a humble man who still has interests for his clients.

At the moment, this executive is working for a company called Newark Economic Development that is based in New Jersey. He occupies the position of vice president in this company. Kevin Seawright has managed to build a reputation for his ability to leave no stone unturned in all his endeavors.

Before this current position, Kevin has worked with the state of Maryland as the executive director of operations from May 2012 to September 2014. Before then, he used to work with a company called Tito General Motors under the position of vice president of operations and human capital.

To ensure that he keeps touch with reality, Kevin is very active when it comes to social media. He can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat as well as Instagram.

He holds a master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University. He also holds a certification in executive leadership from Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business. His experience dates back to 13 years ago and has worked on the East Coast his entire life.

Kelvin has managed to acquire this experience by holding many positions during his illustrious career. These positions include executive director of operations, deputy chief operating officer as well as finance director.

He has also worked as a payroll director, budget manager and chief of financial and construction projects. Other than the mentioned skills, Kelvin Seawright has experience in human capital, contract negotiations as well as facilities management and change management.

He used to play basketball during his high school and college days. Some of the organizations that he can be proudly associated with include National Forum for Black Public Administrators and the American Society for Public Administration.

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