Gregory Aziz Raises The Bar Of Leadership At The National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a businessman and entrepreneur. He is the current CEO of the National Steel Car, the largest producer of railroad freight cars in the world. The railway sector is still one of the highly profitable industries, and that is why many rail companies that were established many years ago are still operational. National Steel Car is supplying rail products to these companies which have been around for many years. The quality of products from the National Steel Car is the highest that one can ever find. The company which has been in existence for over 100 years ago has a very strong positive reputation of maintaining high-quality ion all its products.


Gregory J Aziz as the head of this company right now is the person who has had the greatest contribution to its growth. In the period that he has been around, he has ensured that everything that is going on in this industry is being done for the best benefits of the customer and the company. He is concerned about customer services, and that is why the company is only producing high-quality products. Get More Information Here.


Greg Aziz has ensured that the National Steel Car is running optimally and producing enough products to meet the demand of the market. The history of Greg Aziz with the National Steel Car started in 1994 when he bought it from steel company known as Dofasco. Dofasco was unable to manage it, and the production capacity had gone too low to a point where it could not support the operation of the company. When Greg got an opportunity to purchase this company, he did so knowing very well what was ailing the company was lack of proper leadership.

Gregory J Aziz is an economist, and immediately he took up the mantle of leadership in this company, he made sure that everything that was happening in the industry was being done according to a manner that would promote growth. National Steel Car picked up very well after Greg bought it. Production went up by four times in just five years.

The success that Gregory Aziz has recorded in the past couple of years is a true testament of the leadership skills that he possesses. He has taken over a struggling company and turned it into a leading company in just a matter of a few years. Aziz is one of the great businesspeople in the world today.

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Betsy DeVos: the new Education Secretary

The people who have known Betsy DeVos the most and worked with her the closest throughout her many years of philanthropic work in the educational realm tend to describe her as a reformer. This identity began to form through her political activism in college and then continued through attempts to reform aspects of the education system in her home state of Michigan. She has attempted to reform many aspects of public life including education, various businesses through her devotion to various social and political causes. She has been chairperson on the boards nonprofit institutions as varied as educational, political, religious, economic and arts foundations.


DeVos’ work in education-related causes have come in the form of advocacy for the controversial voucher program and charter schools. She is a proponent for educational choice that gives options including those just mentioned in addition to a variety of homeschooling options, parochial and religious schools. Her work has been centered on the belief that parents should have the widest pool of choices available to them in order to pick the manner in which they see fit for their child/children to receive a primary education. Although traditional public schools remain among the choices she suggests parents should have, much of her advocacy has flowed out of her conviction that public schools in America are generally failing. By giving parents other options, many suggest that she is subtly attempting to remove students from public schools and promote other forms of education.


In a 2013 interview, DeVos reported perceived success in spreading charter schools across a few states. All of those states, however, were governed by people with similar educational viewpoints and priorities as DeVos, so it was difficult to see from that interview if her success was as widespread as she claimed. In later years, her agendas did indeed grow in such states——especially Louisiana and Florida——but any major growth was limited to only a few states. The 2013 interviewee asked questions that hinted at a connection between Devos’ educational philosophies and partisan stances. Though she denied this connection, the interviewee attempted to expose holes in her argument by highlighting the limits of her agenda’s growth along with the lack of support from those with political leanings that do not coincide with the Republican Party. She attempted to persuade that Democrats wanted to support her in her educational endeavors, yet she gave no examples of any such person who supported her or what such support would entail. The interview indeed points to Devos’ strong stances on both educational and political matters and to a likely connection between the two.


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Language Issues Surround Rocketship Education NPR Article

The use of language in journalism is one of the most difficult areas for the subject of an article to overcome. In a recent NPR article about charter schools, the CEO of Rocketship Education took exception to his nonprofit being referred to as a “company.” For Rocketship Education’s Preston Smith, the use of the word “company” gave the impression the nonprofit organization had entered the sector solely to make money. Instead, Rocketship Education was established by two former San Jose, California public school teachers, John Danner and current CEO, Preston Smith. Danner and Smith created their nonprofit charter school network to address what they saw as the imbalance between schools in distinct socio-economic locations.

Preston Smith believes the use of the term, “company” was designed to build on the current controversy over the popularity of charter schools across the U.S. Understanding the reasoning behind the article being published by NPR has taken up the time of Preston Smith and media experts across the nation who looked at the overall agenda of NPR. Some of the top financial backers of NPR include The Gates Foundation headed by Bill Gates, who is a prominent supporter of the charter schools system. Some experts believe NPR used the blog by writer Anya Kamenetz as a way of distancing itself from the charter schools stance of Gates and proving its independence.

In the eyes of Preston Smith, a more rounded article would have sought out evidence from charter schools such as Rocketship Education and contrasted these experiences with those in the public school system. The narrative should not solely be focused on the work of Rocketship Education and charter schools as a whole, but also on the way schools around the nation are working to provide the best education available. Preston Smith argues the issues identified at Rocketship Education are being addressed across the U.S. by schools of all different types which should form the focus of the questions asked by the media.

High-Yield Investing With Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is an investment advisor who specializes in the natural resource sector. It would be later in his educational career that he would eventually take the road down the path of finance. His earlier educational focus revolved around geology. He first earned his bachelors of earth science attending Penn State University. He fathered his study in geology by attaining his Master of Science in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. As a geologist, he traveled to many countries and gained firsthand experience from visiting and inspecting natural resource assets. A friend of his helped lead him to finance when he was working on his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. Matt Badiali always remembered how his own father struggled when it came to investing and thought of ways he could help average people make money.

Matt Badiali currently writes a newsletter called the Real Wealth Strategist. He provides investment advice and stock picks for subscribers to his newsletter, with the focus of his investments being in the volatile resource sector. He has been able to take his experience as a geologist and be able to value resource stocks that have helped his subscribers double or triple their investment. Matt Badiali has been recently urging individuals to invest in “Master Limited Partnerships”. MLP’s are somewhat of a forgotten investment strategy that even experienced investors tend to overlook. Many of the legendary investors have made their fortunes investing in assets that provide a high yield and this is exactly what investors can expect when choosing an MLP.

Matt Badiali is the right man to recommend MLP’s as an appropriate investment due to all the experience he gained as a geologist and the fact that many of these companies are related to the oil and gas industry. MLP’s pay higher yields than a regular dividend paying company because the tax code allows them to avoid paying federal income taxes, which means higher profits. Some experts anticipate MLP’s paying around $34.5 billion to their stakeholders this year alone. Investors starved for yield should investigate MLP’s and determine if they feel it is appropriate to invest in them to start receiving their distribution check today.

Tempus and the Man Behind It: Their Mission their Mission to Revolutionize Medicine

Take a moment to imagine a world where a loved one who is suffering from cancer can receive the precise treatment that will not only improve their disease, but also mitigate side effects all based off of their unique genes and clinical data. Well this could one day be a reality thanks to the work of Tempus, and one of their driving forces Mr. Eric Lefkosky.

Tempus is an organization that has committed itself to the advancement of cancer care through three unique channels including, Genomic Sequencing, Clinical Data Structuring, and Image Recognition. A unique and talented team of individuals have joined together so that further progress can be made in the treatment of cancer. Genomic sequencing includes collecting and analyzing DNA, RNA, and proteomic data on a patient’s tumor; while Clinical Data Structuring analyzes a patient’s medical information to assess outcomes specific to their cancer; and lastly Imaging Recognition utilizes specially designed algorithms to assess markers of a patients radiology and pathology data to correlate with their outcomes. All of these services are made possible through the efforts of Tempus, and are being made available to cancer patients; more data collected yields better outcomes.

Mr. Eric Lefkosky is the Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of Tempus, he has devoted himself to the work that is being done their, so that the lives of cancer patients can be vastly improved. Mr. Lefkosky leads Tempus having a robust background in investments and venture capital, in addition to having graduated from the University of Michigan Law School with the degree of Juris Doctor. His philanthropic efforts do not stop at Tempus, he also co – chairs the Lefkosky Family Foundation which focuses on community impact. He also holds numerous seats on various boards including the Lurie Childrens Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and the Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago among others.

With the work that is being done by the team at Tempus under the guidance of Mr. Lefkosky and others, he truly is one individual taking action to make the world a better place!

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Get Fashionable Consignment With The RealReal

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You’re invited to visit Instagram to find ways to mix and match their shoes, clothing items, and accessories. Their official website has exclusive offers for first time users. Their direct resale has become very popular and continues to trend on Instagram. Join the RealReal for fashionable consignment online today.

Paul Herdsman of NICE: Tips From A CEO

Paul Herdsman is a co-founder and CEO of NICE Global which deals with creating business solutions for companies. This includes dealing with reducing overhead, increasing customer retention and raising revenue. The Jamaican-based company is located in the city of Montego Bay and opened its doors in 2014.


See Paul’s profile on Linkedin HERE.


In an article with TheBroTalk, Herdsman gave Effective Business Tips; some of which are discussed below.


  • Workplace/Employee Issues


Paul Herdsman believes that creating a family type atmosphere for employees is important for contentment and a high employee retention rate. This is also his personal belief as he is a family man. Secondly, proper training is important not just initially, but continuously. Next, a reward system should be in place. Herdsman believes employees who “move the company in the right direction” should be rewarded over those who spend their time on “busy” work. In addition, employees should know and respect colleagues’ roles in the company. This helps to create unity among all employees which in turn increases company-wide efficiency.


  • Attracting Quality Employees


In order to attract quality employees, NICE Global has a program in which current employees are encouraged to refer prospective employees to the company. After passing background checks, the potential employee will have a phone and in-person interview. Then, Herdsman strives to hire the right employees that one day can take over the duties of supervisors when necessary.


  • Be A Problem Solver For Clients


Lastly, the business should focus on problem-solving as this is always a priority for companies/clients. One way to do this is to ask the right questions and involve the right people in formulating these questions. Then, the questions can become more detailed and focused in order to ultimately solve the client’s problem(s).


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OSI Food Solutions Doubles Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions is a leading company in the food production industry. Many customers are looking for healthy options when it comes to purchasing food. OSI Food Solutions recently made headlines when the company decided to double the amount of chicken produced each year. The company committed to drastically improving the manufacturing process as well.

There are multiple benefits for the company in drastically increasing food production. Not only will sales increase, but the cost per unit will decrease.

Higher Standards

Many customers want to purchase products made with a sustainable manufacturing process. Chicken suppliers have received higher levels of scrutiny in recent years based on how chickens are treated.

OSI Food Solutions is committed to providing quality conditions for chickens that are used in the production of meat. Although it costs the company more to produce meat this way, it is a priority for the company in the coming years.

Baho Food

OSI Food Solutions recently purchased a smaller food company called Baho Food. Buying Baho Food is an excellent financial decision for various reasons. Not only does this decision provide additional products for OSI Food Solutions to sell, but it will also increase sales drastically.

The leaders of OSI Food Solutions have planned for this acquisition for several years. So far, the purchase is going better than expected.

Future Trends

Multiple trends are impacting the chicken industry. Not only do customers want to purchase healthy products, but many people are willing to pay more for products that meet their health needs.

OSI Food Solutions is expected to increase the number of product options for customers in the future. The company is investing millions of dollars into new research and development for the future. Although the company has some challenges, profits should continue increasing in the years ahead.

Get inspired by Nick Vertucci’s new book

Any aspiring investor who would like to succeed needs to have something that motivates him or her. If you are a newbie, learning from experienced people should be one of the best ways of running a business. They will take you through the journey they went and helped you avoid making the mistakes that they made. To be in a position to lead a business productively, one needs the necessary information that will make them have an easy time running the operations of the firm. No matter which industry you are in, there is something you can learn from people in different industries. The key to success is not normally the industry by the experience and commitment that one shows towards a business, if you show the right mindset towards business, the chances are that you will be in a position to something in a better way than others.

One of the people to follow while looking for a mentor in busies is Nick Vertucci. He is a leading player in the real estate industry, he has been in the industry for about two decades now, he joined the industry with nothing, but over time he has managed to create a fortune. Currently, Nick Vertucci is the right person to offer help to aspiring investors especially in the real estate sector. He has been in the industry not for many years, but his achievements have been great. Nick Vertucci will show you how to make money in a short time and turn year life around.

Nick Vertucci has made it easy to earn from him. He has written a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” which contain vital lessons on how to turn your dreams into reality an benefit from the real estate sector or any other business you run.Find out more about Nick Vertucci:

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