OSI Group President David McDonald Shares His Insights

David McDonald is the President and Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group, LLC. In the past, McDonald has served as project manager for OSI as well as providing services for the North American Meat Institute in the capacity as chairman. McDonald also presently sits on the board of directors for the North American Meat Institute.

Recently Mr. McDonald took time out from his busy schedule for a brief interview.


What Was Your Original Vision For OSI And How Does That Vision Compare To Today

I was not with the company from the very beginning so I am not sure how directly I can speak to that. When I did join the company, 30 years ago now, the most important aspect of the company’s vision was growth and that vision has lasted to this day. The desire for growth and improvement has been a cornerstone of the company, and lacrosse camp David.


How Has The Company Culture Been Handed Down To So Many People In So Many Different Global Locations

Earlier in our existence, we used partnerships to fuel company growth. The partners we chose were knowledgeable in regards to the customers in their region and were depended upon for decision making in the regions in which they operated. Today, we operated as the single purchaser for all our partners and provide them with the resources afforded by our ability to scale these operations. It is a win-win situation because our partners can still use their knowledge to manage the day to day activities in their specific geography while we leverage the purchasing power by uniting this force.


How Are The Qualities Of Innovation And Entrepreneurial Spirit Encouraged At OSI

For the most part, our customers inspire us to be innovative. It is our belief that our value to our customer is greatest when we are responding to a need of theirs. The chefs that are responsible for our menu development are encouraged to try new things with the understanding that through failure and mistakes, valuable lessons will be learned.


What Or Who Is Responsible For The High Standards OSI Is Known For Keeping

The thing with OSI is that we consider our customers, partners, and employees to be family and family is everything. With this in mind, we create products that have the quality and wholesomeness to be worthy of the family, and more information click here.

More Visit: http://www.osigroup.com/news/

Securus Technologies Implements Drone Detection Systems To Tackle New Problems Being Faced By Prisons

Securus Technologies has always been one step ahead when it comes to the security measures that they implement in the prisons that they are operational in. More and more prisons all over America realize the need for advanced technological implementations that can help them cope with the growing concerns that they face. One of the more prevalent threats that prisons have started to face is that of drones. Inmates are now using drones as the new way to smuggle goods that are otherwise banned in prisons. These drones are also being used to hide illegal substances inside prisons, which can pose a significant threat to the security of all who are there inside.



The reason why drones have now become the new way to smuggle is that of how easy it is to carry out the task. A drone can fly over any physical barrier and enter the prison compounds, which is all it needs for the inmate carrying out the task of sneaking it in. It is also becoming easier and easier for people to buy drones, and the availability of drones at low prices is also something that has made using these a lot easier.



Securus Technologies saw this as a brilliant time to upgrade the security systems that they have in place to keep up with the times and the innovations in technology. The solution that the company saw to implement was drone detection systems. These systems worked to find the drones once they enter into a certain detection radius and then take control of them. By doing this, Securus Technologies has been able to stop the entry of several drones which entered the prisons carrying contraband.



Securus Technologies has already started implementing this to take care of the problem of drones in the prisons that they offer their services to. So far, the company has received nothing but positive reviews about the system and how it has helped the correctional officers to catch those who were engaging in illegal activities and maintain better security in the correctional facilities.



The drone detection system is one of many that Securus Technologies has implemented since they started offering their services. Just last year, the company decided to implement wireless containment systems to prevent the use of unauthorized communication services inside prisons. The problem of cell phones in prisons was becoming more prominent day by day, and Securus Technologies had to find a way to be able to tackle the issue, which is why they implemented these containment systems. Ever since then, the number of cellphones in the prisons has dropped, and so have the crimes that were carried out or communicated by using these services unauthorized phones.

The Foundation of the Frontera Fund

The number of civil rights groups has been on the rise around the globe. The organizations act as watchdogs and advocators of the rights of vulnerable members of the society. Many at times come into conflicts with the governments in the specific countries that they operate in. Some civil rights groups have been involved in legal battles following their operations.

The Frontera Fund is one such organization that has been relentless in fighting for the rights and freedoms of immigrants and the freedom of speech. The organization was founded by Lacey and Larkin. The money was from a court settlement following their unlawful arrest in 2017. The two individuals are also proprietors of media outlets that have been used to air the voice of the oppressed members of the society. The idea of coming up with the media outlets was to champion the rights of individuals who felt disadvantaged especially by the government.

It takes courage, passion, and commitment for someone to engage in activities that are deemed to be against people who are in power. The constitution guarantees the various rights and freedoms of the citizens. Any person or entity that engages in human rights violation can be prosecuted in a court of law. However, due to political ties, some individuals who engage in the offense end up free without any legal action against them being instituted against them. Individuals who commit themselves to confront the evils perpetrated by those in power are often threatened and harassed and some give up.

Political goodwill is an important aspect of ensuring justice prevails in any jurisdiction. Various incidences have been reported around the world where certain people have been accused of misusing their officially given duties for their own gains. Leaders are expected to perform their duties in accordance with the laws of the land, they should lead by example as their followers are likely to follow the same. A society where the leaders do not respect the rule becomes morally decayed as everyone tends to bend the law for their selfish gains.

The media is a powerful tool, its impact cannot be underestimated. It has been instrumental in passing the information concerning human rights violations around the world. However, the media professionals have been involved in legal battles with those in power. The media should remain objective and fearless in exposing any misconducts in the society. http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/the-incident/

Betsy DeVos a political fighter

The Education Secretary of the US Betsy DeVos is easy to underestimate if you don’t know her. This was evident on how she carried herself after The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump rescinded a federal policy that allowed students who were transgender to use bathrooms that suited their gender identities.


Even though Betsy fought back against the move, she was not able to win, and since she was mature enough not to show any rift regarding the decision from the president in public space, people can mistakenly see her as a pushover because she joined in the announcement of the new policy the second day after the proposal was done.


But people who have watched Betsy over the years have warned people who underestimate not to be fooled by her cool and calm nature. Apart from being the U.S Education Secretary, she has served as a leading advocate of charter schools which she founded, a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party and a major donor of the GOP.


Most of the people in her home state know her as an intelligent political fighter who has managed to use her family fortune to serve the good and punish her foes. She has also been influential in the legislative process as well as in making lawmakers who opposed her to lose their positions.


Betsy DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan and worked at her father’s auto-parts company. She had a brother called Erik Prince who was the founder and CEO of Blackwater security company that was a contractor for American personnel in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Betsy has had a tremendous experience in the creation of charter schools by steering away tax dollars from traditional public schools to charter schools. In this program, money from public schools is used to fund private schools that are run by private groups. Betsy also designed the formation of vouchers which allowed students to have paid tuition at private schools.


Even though she had an ambitious plan, opponents said that she was starving schools of their resources, while her supporters stated that she was offering low-income families the opportunity to study in private schools and create competition and pressure to traditional schools for them to upgrade.


Ever since she started her programs, Detroit has become the nations largest center of charter schools, even though most of the public schools are failing. In 2016, a group of Detroit officials backed up legislation that carried a way for charter schools to be created and the failing ones to be closed. When Betsy DeVos heard about this, she fought against the move and won. Betsy supported the shutting down of public schools.


Since Besty is now overseeing the Education Department, she has worked to create good relationships with public schools. Betsy’s approach is for the country to understand what schools expect from themselves. Although Betsy has had a tough time at Washington, she accepts criticism, and she is understanding her way around the political landscape.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: Stepping Down From The Executive Position

Bradesco Bank is one of the largest banks in Brazil, and under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, they financial institution managed to increase its value in the stock market and its profits rose. It was also the idea of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to purchase the Brazilian branch of HSBC for $5.2 billion. The deal has been published all throughout the country, and it was believed to be one of the largest financial transactions in Brazil.

The company executives support the decision to purchase the Brazilian branch of HSBC, and they have thanked Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi for the brilliant idea. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been serving the Bradesco Bank since he was 17 years old, and through the years of working with the company, he managed to develop some of his skills, especially in the financial industry.

Growing up in the city of Marilia, Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi witnessed how the Bradesco Bank transformed from its humble beginnings to become one of the leading banks in the country. They even snatched the top rank during their early years, but it soon waned after its competitors have either innovated or developed. Banco Itau and Unibanco are some of the competitors of Bradesco Bank, and the two banks decided to merge in 2009 to strengthen their position in the Brazilian financial industry according to infomoney.com.br. The merger of the two banks affected Bradesco Bank greatly, as they managed to dethrone Bradesco Bank from its pedestal. Working for the financial institution since he was a teenager, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi developed a feeling of loyalty for the bank, and he vowed that he would do anything to return the glory it once had to the company. When he got promoted to the executive position as CEO, one of the things that he looked into is the possibilities on how the company could gain more investors and increase their assets.

Read more: Octavio De Lazari Junior será sucessor de Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi no Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi worked hard to find new investors who would finance the bank, and through his campaign to strengthen the bank nationally, more people have decided to put their deposits with Bradesco Bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has seen the result of his hard work in just a few months after he acquired the position of being Bradesco Bank’s leader. The company also experienced a surge in their performance under the leadership of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, but he would have to step down from his position in 2018 to give way to new leaders.

Earlier in 2018, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi announced that he would soon be resigning from his post as the president of Bradesco Bank, and named Octavio de Lazari Junior as his successor. The board of directors has chosen Octavio de Lazari Junior based on his merit, and they thanked Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi for his service with the company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will remain as the president of the board, but he will soon step down from this position. He thanked his colleagues for the support that they have given him through the years.

Source: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2017/10/1926243-proximo-presidente-do-bradesco-saira-da-diretoria-do-banco-diz-trabuco.shtml

Jake Gottlieb, the renowned risk taker.

Back then, in the city of Brooklyn, a boy called Jacob Gottlieb was born and raised there with his family before they decided to shift from Poland to the US. Jacob later got interested in medicine and economics due to the influence of his parents who were professions in the field. At a tender age, he used to invest lots of his time selling baseball cards mainly to the Yankees and locally selling drinks to golfers. His father noted the tremendous effort of his son and opened an investment account for him. His intelligence noted that he was a great risk taker and so he chose a career path that tended towards that.

Gottlieb chose two careers and trained in both of them. He holds a degree in Economics from Brown University and a degree in medicine from Magna Cum University. Realizing that he had a great zeal to major in finance, he decided to quit the medical career after his internship. He held various positions in his finance field in his finance career. He worked as a managing partner and chief officer in investment at Visium Asset Management. He later founded Balyasny Asset Management and worked at Merlin in London and came out exquisitely impressive.

Alongside trying to gain profits, Jacob does charity projects. He started a service project by the names Robin Hood. Their mission is to help fight poverty in New York. They have a set of 200 supporters who help them in terms of money, managerial team and the housing in the real estate section. Robin Hood usually donates one dollar to this effect for every twelve dollars made. Their persona tends to be the refugees in New York, residents of New York who are straining to survive. It is often than said that it usually is better to train someone how to fish rather than giving them the fish that’s why they offer other services apart from money such as business expertise, leadership training and best practices to their beneficiaries. They believe that through this they can raise their communities to greater heights and even reduce it.

Bob Reina: Be A Survivor And Not A Quitter

In today’s world, it is easy to quit. As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest things in the entire world to do. Anyone can quit, throw in the towel, and say enough is enough. People do it all of the time and they do it each and every single day. It does not take any skill or any talent to quit. However, it takes real guts and real courage to tough it out and stick with something when it’s hard. Real men and real women are the individuals that keep pushing ahead even when the odds seem stacked against them. No on else might believe in them or think it is possible, but it does not matter to them. All that matters to them is how they view themselves and what they think they can do as opposed to what others tell them they can do as a person. Learn more:  http://blog.talkfusion.com/ 


It’s funny that way, as a lot of people think they know what is best for someone. How could anyone on planet earth know what is best for someone? They have not walked in their shoes and they have not lived their lives. They don’t have the slightest idea. They want to attempt to mold them into something they want them to be as opposed to who they really want to be when it’s all said and done. There is a big difference in that regard. The people that are out there, they need to listen to their heart and they need to listen to what is best for them.


It has often been said that someone’s gut is never wrong. Someone’s gut will never lead him or her astray and it will never lead him or her down the wrong path. It will always guide them and push them in the right direction if they listen to it. Instead, they are not listening to their heart and they are listening to others. Again, it is vital to remember what the individual wants and not what someone else wants for them. So often, they are afraid of disappointing their parents, as their parents have a vision and an idea for them. However, they need to know their parents will always love them, no matter what and they will stick by their side, even if they are upset at first.


Basically, they will get over it, they will move on, and they will just be glad to see their son or daughter happy. Bob Reina is all about making people’s dreams come true with Talk Fusion. Bob Reina knows the people of the world have dreams and Talk Fusion can make them come true by using the product to the fullest.






Above the law???!

In October 2017, U.S District Judge Susan Bolton officially exonerated Joe Arpaio. A man considered to be Americas worst sheriff. Arpio was known for his white supremacist agendas and his racial propaganda against minority groups. He was released after a pardon from the president: Donald Trump. Read more: Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

Arpaio had been earlier convicted in July. He had been charged with criminal contempt and ignoring a federal judge’s order arising from a lawsuit against him in 2007. The ruling by Judge Bolton brought about the end of the spiral drama spanning over a decade. The fiasco had led to the arrest of the former owners of the Phoenix New Times. One Michael Lacey and his co-owner Jim Larkin.

Michael Lacey was born in Newark, N.J., and attended the Arizona State University. Jim Larkin hailed from Phoenix and went to the same university. He dropped out in 1972 teaming up with Lacey to start the phoenix new times, a paper dedicated to offering a voice to the student’s woes. With Lacey taking up the executive editor’s chair and Larkin holding up the advertising end of the paper. They focused on both social and political issues.

Their ability to be vocal in investigative journalism gained them prominence in the ever-growing roster of American newspapers. The two executives turned a premature newspaper aimed at fighting for the well-being of students on campus to a publication that reached millions of readers.

Under the patronage of Lacey and Larkin, The Phoenix New Times relentlessly covered the proceedings of the case. They exposed the cut-throat manner in which the Maricopa County’s department was being run for over two decades. They were arrested for their revelation in the paper the grand jury subpoenas. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/jim-larkin/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

The subpoenas aimed the writers of the paper, its editors, and shockingly its readers. Their arrests were carried out by the rogue law-man Arpaio. All charges against them were dropped within 24 hours after public outrage all over the county.

Further inquiry into the matter revealed the shocking motive of the subpoenas. They were a means to an end and were caught in the crossfire of an unwarranted witch hunt by a vengeful prosecutor who had broken the law.

Lacey and Larkin later sued the county sheriff’s department for wrongful arrests. The matter reached a settlement offer that had Maricopa County pay 3.75 million dollars. The money which they later used to establish the Lacey &Larkin Frontera Fund. A foundation with the sole purpose of distributing the proceeds of the settlement to the Latin- American groups around Arizona.

Lacey termed that the fact that Arpaio gets to walk away after all his hate crimes as a failure on the justice system. He says that Arpaio should be held accountable for all the crimes committed under him during his 24 years tenure as sheriff.

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