Successful Rally Career of Rodrigo Terpins

Rodrigo Terpins is a famously acclaimed Brazilian rally driver who has participated in many racing sports. Rodrigo is the brother of another renowned Brazilian rally driver, Michel Terpins. Rodrigo is a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Rodrigo and his brother Michel have been participating in the Sertoes Rally Championships, which is one of the biggest off-road car races in Brazil. Rodrigo was born in a family which has high affinity to sports. His Father, Jack Terpins was a renowned basketball player in Brazil. Jack Terpins was playing for Hebraica during the 60s and 70s, and also rose to become a community leader of that institution. For more details visit Institucional

Rodrigo has been racing using the T-Rex which has been developed by MEM specifically to compete in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally as well as the Sertoes Rally. Rodrigo participated in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally, the largest off-road motor race in Brazil and emerged in the 8th position, beating 38 competitors. He was racing with Fabricio Bianchini using the Prototype T1. This race was meant to cover more than 2600 kilometres passing through two states and is comprised of seven stages. Rodrigo is a firm believer in consistency and determination which has led him to become successful in all his motorsport racing career. Check out Terra to know more.

His prowess in car racing has also seen him get interviewed by major Brazilian media outlets and has been quoted saying that his past competitions have assisted him in beading his performance in the current and the future. He has a very large following online, which is why he is very active on social media. He engages with his fans through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr as well as Instagram. His online presence is also a way for him to keep and maintain an impressive reputation online.

Rodrigo Terpins went to school at Saint Hilaire. He is the director of a Brazilian business known as the T5 Participacoes. Away from sports, Rodrigo has been involved in several causes which include children arts and culture, science and technology. He continues to take part in different rally competitions in Brazil. He has earned respect among his fans due to his endurance and overcoming challenges along the way. You can visit his Facebook page.

A Job Well Done, Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub was born in 1962 and became the Isreali diplomat to the United Kingdom. He has had to give up being an English citizen to take the post but it allowed him to reconnect with his past. He said that having his family grow up in Isreal is one of the best things that could have happened in his life and hopes one day to repay that debt to Isreal.

Daniel Taub feels that in the four years he has been the ambassador to the United Kingdom he has brought Isreal and the UK closer together. He is a man who firmly believes in building bridges instead of burning them. With such a united front both countries can try to move forward in a peaceful manner especially given the tensions in the Middle East and Iran.

He feels that while tensions in the Middle East are high there are many areas of opportunity for the two countries to come closer together. The one thing that the two nations must do is to have thoughtful and meaningful discussions on the topics at hand and look forward to a brighter and more promising future for everyone involved.

Daniel Taub feels that one particular area has blossomed under his tenure. That is the amount of trade between the United Kingdom and Isreal. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

During this time many Isreali businesses have set up shop in England and the amount of trade between the two countries is anywhere between five and a half billion to seven billion dollars. This is very impressive indeed. Read more: Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

Looking back on his career Daniel Taub says there are many opportunities left for the United Kingdom to become closer with other countries as well. One country, in particular, is the United States.He says that things must take their time to grow in order for the relationship between the two countries to be on solid footing.

Now he believes is the right time for Isreal and Palestine to come together in peace. If the two sides can come together in mutual understanding and respect for one another then the conflict can be resolved. People need to take a look at both sides of this complex issue.

Daniel Taub has made a success out of something difficult. His legacy is helping Isreal and the United Kingdom build a bridge of friendship and understanding. He definitely deserves a job well done in any case.

The Great Sussex Healthcare Facility

The Sussex Healthcare is a health facility that is located in the United Kingdom. Sussex Healthcare was accredited in 2002 by the Health Quality Service and later acquired the Investors In people standard in 2003. The Sussex Healthcare merited the International Standard number (ISO) 9000:2000 in the year 2005 after delivering the effective and efficient services to the patients and at the very time meeting the basic standards that should be met by any credible health facility. The ISO covered quality management systems within the facility. This made Sussex Healthcare the only home care provider that is independent in its operation within the United Kingdom. That was a milestone and a hallmark worth reckoning for Sussex Healthcare.

Leisure, Social and recreational services are provided in plenty and hence posing Sussex Healthcare facility as something more than a home. There is a fully programmed on roster for the home that accounts for motivation, stimulation, and interest such that the parties involved can get to keenly engage their faculties to the fullest. The activities assigned to the patients are picked and chosen based on the previous conditions and current capacities of the patients in question. Participation is highly recommended and stimulated where the ancient skills are recalled and the new ones are inculcated. Sussex healthcare is run by a platoon of professionals who are ready to offer excellent and A1 services to the clients.


Sussex Healthcare offers service to the people of advanced age. The old get to access the due attention and care that they deserve. They are accorded the respect that is due and they get to lead normal lives as opposed to the life of isolation and desolation that they live when neglected by the family as a result of their condition. They are helped to get psycho-social support from trained personnel.

Sussex Healthcare offers close attention to the people with various social and physical challenges according to The staff is well equipped with the skills and expertise to allow the various patients to feel at home and get recovery in the shortest time possible. The people with dementia are in a position to get the best medical care that would allow them to get well and resume normal life through the various therapies that the staff utilizes in restoring the health of the patients. The patients with neurological need are no exceptions since they are treated too. Sussex Health is the place to be for various medical cases that need adequate, sufficient and efficient care.

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