A look at Dick DeVos Life in 5 Minutes

About Dick DeVos


Dick was born in Grand Rapids to Helen and Richard. He is an alumnus of Forest Hills public school system. He has been involved in the family business since he was young. He and his brother were assigned duties such as greeting and welcoming people during conventions. This evolved to giving product description and other higher duties.

Dick is married to Betsy, the current education secretary and together they have done so much for the school sector through their foundation.


Philanthropy in Education


From the past donations that Dick and his wife have made, it is clear that their focus is education. In the year 2105, they donated over three million to education causes only. This is over a quarter of their total donations. This shows how dedicated they are to education matters. Their foundation also awarded $357,000 to other organizations that are involved in education causes.


The main reason the couple spends all that cash is to improve the school system in the country. According to Devos, they realized with time that the current education system does not fulfill what people call the American dream. In other words, this matter is a civil right problem. He added that not all kids were able to access quality education that is vital to achieving the American dream. So eventually the American dream is just that to them, a dream. Dick was speaking in an interview with The Grand Rapids Press and MLive.


Although the Devos are doing a great job by transforming the education sector, there cannot lack those people who are criticizing the whole idea. They have claimed that charter schools and vouchers, which the couple supports, use a lot of taxpayer’s money compared to traditional schools. However, according to Dick, their primary goal is to make sure the issues in the current system and not to criticize employees. He added that so many excellent teachers had been champions in the education sector for the great work they are doing. However, everyone can do a better job to ensure that these hardworking teachers offer better services that will reach every child despite his or her zip code.


The Devos donation report


You should note that the report does not give a complete breakdown of all their gifts. It also does not provide the beneficiaries of the couple’s 2015 donations. From 2013, going back the DeVos donations mostly benefited the Michigan-based school. This is according to tax records found in the foundation. Some of the beneficiaries in 2013 were Ferris State University in Big Rapids who go one hundred thousand dollars, Potter’s House in Wyoming who got $301,000, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning that got $25,000 and many others.

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