A look at Dick DeVos Life in 5 Minutes

About Dick DeVos


Dick was born in Grand Rapids to Helen and Richard. He is an alumnus of Forest Hills public school system. He has been involved in the family business since he was young. He and his brother were assigned duties such as greeting and welcoming people during conventions. This evolved to giving product description and other higher duties.

Dick is married to Betsy, the current education secretary and together they have done so much for the school sector through their foundation.


Philanthropy in Education


From the past donations that Dick and his wife have made, it is clear that their focus is education. In the year 2105, they donated over three million to education causes only. This is over a quarter of their total donations. This shows how dedicated they are to education matters. Their foundation also awarded $357,000 to other organizations that are involved in education causes.


The main reason the couple spends all that cash is to improve the school system in the country. According to Devos, they realized with time that the current education system does not fulfill what people call the American dream. In other words, this matter is a civil right problem. He added that not all kids were able to access quality education that is vital to achieving the American dream. So eventually the American dream is just that to them, a dream. Dick was speaking in an interview with The Grand Rapids Press and MLive.


Although the Devos are doing a great job by transforming the education sector, there cannot lack those people who are criticizing the whole idea. They have claimed that charter schools and vouchers, which the couple supports, use a lot of taxpayer’s money compared to traditional schools. However, according to Dick, their primary goal is to make sure the issues in the current system and not to criticize employees. He added that so many excellent teachers had been champions in the education sector for the great work they are doing. However, everyone can do a better job to ensure that these hardworking teachers offer better services that will reach every child despite his or her zip code.


The Devos donation report


You should note that the report does not give a complete breakdown of all their gifts. It also does not provide the beneficiaries of the couple’s 2015 donations. From 2013, going back the DeVos donations mostly benefited the Michigan-based school. This is according to tax records found in the foundation. Some of the beneficiaries in 2013 were Ferris State University in Big Rapids who go one hundred thousand dollars, Potter’s House in Wyoming who got $301,000, Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning that got $25,000 and many others.

José Henrique Borghi

José Henrique Borghi Is A Highly Renowned Advertising Expert without effective advertising your business will not succeed. So you need to make sure you choose an ad agency that has a high success rate in the industry.

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If you are truly serious about reaching the right audience for your business, product or service and attaining great success in your endeavor, you need to consult with José Henrique Borghi right away. José Henrique Borghi will ensure that your advertising budget is invested properly and read full article.

Tammy Mazzocco: A Rising Ohio Real Estate Agent with a Knack for Success

Tammy Mazzocco has cemented her status as one of the leading real estate agents in the U.S. Her relentless pursuit of excellence has reverberated through the real estate industry with like-minded peers acknowledging her professionalism. According to Homes.com, before holding such an esteemed position, Mazzocco began her professional career as a secretary at the Edwards Realty Company, a prominent real estate enterprise, where she worked under the unmatched expertise of 9 real estate agents and insightful leadership of Mike Zelnik. During her seven-year tenure, Mazzocco honed her skills in condominium management at the Scotland Yard Condominiums which proved to be essential in the acquisition of her real estate license.

Afterward, T&R Properties proved to be a lucrative opportunity that aided in the development of an impressive portfolio courtesy of frequent interactions with influential personalities. At T&R Properties, Mazzocco’s post as a multi-site property manager for an office warehouse and apartment complex equipped her with the necessary experience needed to dominate the market. 1998 proved to be a turning point in Mazzocco’s career as she became a licensed personal assistant for the renowned RE/MAX producer, Joe Armeni, at the Victorian Village region of Columbus. Mazzocco recently shed some insight into her professional life in a one-to-one interview with ideamensch.

How Her Career as a Real Estate Agent Came Into Life

Just like most entrepreneurs, real estate is widely considered to be Mazzocco’s passion and fuel for development. Having worked for a manager who also turned out to be a real estate broker, Tammy was bitten by the real estate bug having witnessed how informative and lucrative it can be. It didn’t take much convincing to obtain a license in 1995 which catapulted her career to stardom. http://www.spokeo.com/Tammy-Mazzocco

The One Trend That Excites Her

As an accomplished entrepreneur, Tammy relishes meeting prominent companies adept at promoting positive interactions with their customers. In essence, making a phone call with someone should be followed up with an appointment sooner rather than later. With a face to face interview, you are in a better position to make sales. Alternatively, each entrepreneur must go above and beyond to set attainable goals which must be followed up with predetermined objectives and actions to ensure that such goals are achieved.

More importantly, your perception with clients can spell the difference between success and failure in business. In simpler terms, treat your customers’ valuable time as an investment. Don’t focus too much on the commission but concentrate on satisfying their individual needs.

View her full agent profile on Trulia.com.

Sawyer Howitt Portland’s Racquetball Star

Sawyer Howitt, son of David Howitt Founder of Meriwether Group and David’s wife Heather Howitt. Portland, Oregon is Sawyer Howitt’s hometown where he goes to Lincoln High School and plays Racquetball bringing his school to countless victories. Majority of his experiences playing Racquetball has been in the Oregon State High School Ranks. Sawyer Howitt competed in The Boy’s Highschool Single #6 gold. As well as #6 red in Boy’s Highschool Single. Not only does he play in highschool he plays with Racquet Club in Portland. While playing in the club in January of 2015 he played just 2 games a lost bother. Despite this everyone that knows about Sawyer Howitt still believes he will become a great professional Racquetball Star.

See:  https://www.pinterest.com/sawyerhowitt/


Jim Hunt Discusses Why He Gave Up City Trading to Help People Make Money

In a recent interview on Ideamensch, Jim Hunt, stock trader, YouTube personality, and founder of VTA Publications, talked about his career and the ingredients of his success. According to Hunt, he was motivated by the opportunity to tell regular people the secrets that major financial institutions used to make money.

For Jim Hunt VTA Publications, discipline is key. He sets very specific goals for each part of the day that he then works to accomplish in order to move on to the next objective. He is most productive in the morning hours, when he prefers to work on marketing. Jim Hunt VTA Publications views his ability to understand the psychology of customers as essential for any entrepreneur since the only way a business makes money is by solving a problem.

Hunt is most excited about the prospects for growth in the biotech industry on prnewschannel.com He believes that countless breakthroughs are around the corner and will provide many opportunities for investors.

Jim Hunt is originally from Canterbury, United Kingdom, and the founder VTA Publications. After a long career in trading, Hunt became tired of the politics of the London stock market and went to work helping everyday people invest smarter. VTA’s products include Make Mum a Millionaire in 10 Trades, How to Trade Stocks with Charts, and Little Known Options Trading Strategies.

Securus Technologies Cares For The Public

Many people don’t know exactly what Securus Technologies does, and that is why the company is opening their business for a tour and a presentation so that the people can see for themselves. This is a chance for the public to see what they are working on, and why it is so good for their safety. They will continue to do extremely well in their field, and people will be able to follow them in the headlines for what they are able to do.


The latest technology that they created is the Wireless Containment Solution. This is technology that is used on the wireless networks in correction facilities across the countries to stop criminals. The inmates were using cell phones to reach out to others that are interested in committing crimes, and this technology put a stop it. The company is very happy that they could create something that works so well in keeping everyone safe. Other companies tried to create technology too, but they ran into difficulties with resources, and they lacked the expertise to get the project done. This why Securus Technologies is the leader with what they do. Their staff is dedicated and committed to creating the best technology for the public safety field.


Securus Technologies is a company that is very proud of what is capable of doing for the country and the world. They work on a steady basis with the government helping them in their correction facilities. With their technologies, they assist with over a million prisoners at a time. They are creating more and more technology on a weekly basis to make sure the environments are kept safe for all people. They will strive to do even more in the future, because they want to develop even more safety material for the protection of all the people around the world. In the future, the people can expect to hear more and more about this company, and how they are assisting in the public safety field. They will continue to carry the lead because of their abilities. Since they are experts at what they do, they are known around the world for the excellent work that they do.



Norman Pattiz’s Exciting Story of Success as a Broadcasting Entrepreneur

Norman Pattiz has been innovative since he joined the broadcasting sector 40 years ago. He has established the world’s leading radio networks. He is also an active participant in philanthropic and civic initiatives. Pattiz shared his inspiring record of success in the American broadcasting sector on ideamensch.com.


Creation of PodcastOne


Norman Pattiz created PodcastOne after selling Westwood One. A friend introduced him to Kit Gray, and they turned out to be good friends. Pattiz learned that Gray oversaw other people’s podcasts and worked out of his Marina Del Rey-based apartment. He immediately knew that such an idea would flourish in the digital world of broadcasting. The two entrepreneurs started creating their content, and the outcome is the globally recognized PodcastOne.


Although PodcastOne is registering rapid growth, Pattiz loves handling most of the tasks himself. He is involved in technology, recruitment process, marketing, and ad sales. His assistant informs him on the progress of the company on a daily basis. According to Pattiz, implementation is the ideal way of transforming ideas into businesses. He notes down great ideas and evaluates if his company can afford the time and resources required for implementation.


Exciting trends in the broadcasting arena


Nowadays, content consumption is democratic. It is easier to distribute content to the public using the endless pathways that exist. Prior to starting a podcast, Pattiz and his team try to establish if the podcast possesses a pathway to success. He strives to understand trends and market changes before making any investment decision.


Norman Pattiz


Born in 1943, Norman Pattiz is a renowned American broadcasting businessman who launched Westwood One in 1976. He is a longtime member of the esteemed National Radio Hall of Fame. Pattiz steered Westwood One into one of the top media companies in the world. It also became the leading radio network in America. He started the Courtside Entertainment Group back in 2010 and acted as the firm’s chief executive. He also unveiled Launchpad, which rebranded in February 2013 and adopted the name PodcastOne.


Philanthropic activities


Norman Pattiz is an avid philanthropist and engages in various local civic activities. He served in the Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County as a reserve deputy. He also served in the Region 1 Homeland Security Council as a member. The Hamilton High School’s Academy of Music has benefited from his donations and unwavering support. Pattiz sits on the governing committee of the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation.

Learn more:


Follow Norman Pattiz on LinkedIn



Should You Buy A Used BMW

The BMW is a solid vehicle with a very stylish design. The BMW has millions of fans worldwide. However, the vehicle is too expensive for most of the fans. The good news is that there are a lot of used BMW’s at Beverly Hills Auto Group that are still exceptional driving machines.

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Beverly Hills Auto Group

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2016 Communications Solution Product Awards Goes to Talk Fusion

The media giant, Talk Fusion, received the second award in a row in 2016 from the Technological Marketing Corporation. The Communications Solution Products Award is awarded to companies offering most up-to-date and exceptional voice, data and video products and services.

The CEO of TMC praised Talk Fusion for emerging the winners for the award. He said the company is the leader in the industry for providing the best-of-best products in the market. Commenting on the same issue, the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina said this was just the beginning. He stated that the company’s IT team was working round the clock to ensure they provide the best All-in-One video marketing services.

The Chief Technical Officer for Talk Fusion Ryan Page termed the award winning as a testimony showcasing the efficiency of the team. He added that the team holds the project dearly and that is how they can create magnificent applications.

About Talk Fusion Video Chat

The video chat service full version was launched in March 2013, and by August, it had gone through several upgrades to make it better. The application which uses WebRTC allows you chat with anyone anywhere from either a smartphone, desktop or a tablet. The application is accessible for download on Google Play or iTunes.

Other services offered by Talk Fusion in the same year include TheTalkFusionInstantPay.com site and free trials of WebRTC recorder. All these services are meant to give Talk Fusion users reach more customers as well as offer them a whole new experience. Considering the awards and the products they were able to provide in a span of one year, it looks like 2016 was indeed the best year for Talk Fusion.

About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion was established, by Bob Reina who is also the CEO, in 2006. They use independent marketers in over 140 countries.

Talk Fusion is the principal all in one Video Marketing Solution offering dynamic ways to make marketing experience more engaging, persuasive, and memorable through video chats. Anyone who wishes to start using their services gets a 30 day free trial with no credit required before they can buy.


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